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Вампирите не могат да избират умения освен долу изброените.


Сила - 30
Интелект - 10
Ловкост/Рефлекси - 30
Бързина - 25



None known.


A vampire is a human being who has died but has been resurrected by
specific supernatural means and possesses a variety of supernatural
abilities and specific limitations, most notably to frequently ingest
fresh blood in order to maintain their own existence. Vampires have
often been referred to as "undead" throughout the centuries since, even
when active, they were not truly alive in the same sense as ordinary
human beings. Technically, they can be classified as actually being


Vampires require the fresh blood of living beings, preferably the
blood of humans, in order to sustain their physical existence and,
usually, obtained it by biting their victims and draining their blood.
The bite of a vampire transferred a very mysterious enzyme found only
within the saliva of a vampire into the bloodstream of the victim. If
the vampire drank enough blood to cause the death of the victim, this
enzyme would trigger an unusual metabolic change within the victim's
body, beginning with the production of an unusual green liquid referred
to as ichor into the bloodstream.
After roughly three days, there would be enough of this liquid in
the victims body that it would begin to course through the victims
veins in the same way their blood once did. The victim then returned as
a vampire and was capable of all the basic capabilities of ordinary
humans, with the exception of being able to have children, plus a number
of superhuman abilities. However, if the victim retained sufficient
blood to survive the vampire's attack, he or she would begin to show
signs of anemia because of the presence of the enzyme in his or her
bloodstream. The victim would not die under such circumstances. Until a
newly created vampire's body metabolized the enzyme, a process that
might take as long as several months in some cases, he or she would be
extremely weak and highly susceptible to hypnotic suggestions, verbally
or through long range mental contact, by the vampire responsible for the
attack. There was also a distinct possibility of the newly-turned
vampire developing a perverse sexual attraction for the vampire
responsible for the transformation.
Note that a new vampire is not created unless the attacking
vampire wishes to do so, or loses control and injects too much enzyme.


The overall extent of a vampire's abilities depended upon the
strength of the vampire's will. Exceptional vampires with powerful
wills, such as Dracula
or Varnae, were capable of summoning and controlling thunderstorms,
even though the mystical concentration required to do so left them
extremely weak for a certain period of time. The vampire's willpower
could also determine the extent to which he or she could master their
craving for blood and retain the same personality they had in life.
However, most people that became vampires quickly found themselves
unable to resist the all consuming craving for blood. They quickly
degenerated into cruel and animalistic hunters of ordinary human beings,
even if these new vampires had been kind and sensitive people in their
mortal lives.

Summoning and Shape-shifting

Vampires could summon and control certain creatures such as bats,
wolves, and rats. Vampires could also transform themselves into bats,
and in the case of some vampires, wolves, while retaining their human
intelligence in these forms. Some vampires could even become human-sized
bats. Vampires could also transform themselves into mist at will, while
still retaining their normal consciousnesses in that form.

Mind control

A vampire could make most human beings into his or her temporary
slave if he or she could catch their gaze for a sufficient amount of
time, usually only a matter of seconds. The exact length of time needed
to mesmerize the victim depended on the strength of will of the vampire
and that of his or her victim.


Vampires were rendered immune to the ravages of disease and of aging.
However, if deprived of blood for a lengthy period of time, a vampire
would begin to show distinct signs of aging, such as his or her hair
turning gray. Upon ingesting fresh blood, the vampire would revert to
the age in which he or she had been at the time of death.
In most cases, vampires were able to heal themselves from minor
injuries within a very brief period of time. Some vampires, such as
Count Dracula, could heal from severe burns or broken bones within the
span of a few hours, where as most other vampires might require several
days to heal the exact same injury. Vampires were not able to
regenerate missing organs or severed portions of their anatomy, with the
exception of hair. Apart from periodic inconveniences, injuries like
these would not critically impair a vampire's effectiveness. Because the
ichor was similar in function to blood, poisons and other toxic
substances that were circulated in its bloodstream would adversely
affect a vampire, although no dosage was large enough to cause death.

Average Strength level

Most vampires possessed superhuman physical strength anywhere from 10
to 20 times greater than they possessed in their mortal lives. The
vast majority of known and recorded vampires were capable of lifting
from 1,000lbs to 4,000lbs, with only Count Dracula and his predecessor
Varnae being known to lift more at 4 and 7 tons respectively due to
their special stance as ruler of Earth's vampire race.



Vampires had many limitations imposed upon their supernatural
abilities, and even upon their very existence. Below are a listing of
weaknesses common to supernatural vampires.

Blood Consumption

Vampires are regularly required to consume a few pints (litres) of
blood every other night. Failing to do so would cause the vampire to
weaken and after an extended period without blood seemingly perish. A
vampires ability to metabolize blood and their frequency of feeding
usually varies however depending on a number of factors: Length of time
between feedings, damage or injury to the body, resurrection from a near
death state, and excessive use of their supernatural abilities and

Native Soil

Typically, vampires cannot travel more than 100 miles (160 km) from
their land of birth, unless their bring at least one pound (500 g) of
their native soil wherever they choose to sleep during the day. For
example, Dracula would typically have coffins with dirt from his native
Transylvania shipped to his various hideouts all over Europe and the
United States so that he would have a place to rest unharmed from the
However, in many instances vampires (including Dracula) have been
depicted being able to travel to far off places and sleep in locations
that do not have their native lands earth on hand.
The result of a vampire who does not do this remains unexplained,
however given the instances that a vampire has slept without being
around soil from their native land suggests that this is not a lethal

Sun Light

A vampires greatest weakness is sunlight, due to their altered
metabolism, vampires were unable to withstand direct sunlight.
Sunlight, somehow, caused the ichor to congeal within the vampire's
veins and the skin to rapidly decay. Direct exposure to sunlight caused
the vampire to dehydrate completely and turn to powder.
Some vampires, such as Dracula have been able to reform their
bodies following being turned to powder from the sun, while others have
been completely obliterated from contact with the sun. The conditions in
which a vampire can come back from the dead may be particular to one
who is rightfully the lord of all vampires.

Religious Symbols

Vampires also had an aversion to any religious symbol (such as a
crucifix, cross, Star of David, or holy water) wielded or placed by
anyone who believes in the religious significance of the symbol. The
size of the symbol was not a consideration on its ability to repel
vampires, only the strength of belief: for example, a believing
Christian wielding a small cross could hold a vampire at bay with it and
even sear the vampire's flesh simply by touching him or her with it.
However, the deity must be one that was believed in at the time
of the vampire's original death; a cross had no effect on Varnae, for
example, since he died approximately 16,000 years before the
Another consideration is if the vampire in question worshiped the
faith whose religious symbol is being used against them. For example,
when David Eshocl used the Star of David against Dracula [2],
Dracula was weakened by it's sight, but stated that because he followed
Christianity and not Judaism before becoming a vampire, the Star had a
lesser effect on him.
Further, there may be an element of belief by proxy or a vampires
own belief that a symbol may harm them, as there have been instances
where a crucifix has been used by someone who is not holding the item.
For example, Quincy Harker [3] and Elainne Turac [4]
have both utilized weapons that would project the symbol of the cross
against Dracula while not actually holding the religious symbol.
Further, Quincy's faithful dog Saint, has a collar lined with silver
crosses [5]
that were able to harm Dracula. It's highly improbably that Saint
understands the symbolism let alone having faith in Christianity,
however either Quincy's faith, or Dracula's belief that the crosses
could harm him caused the vampire lord pain.
Lastly, a religious symbol can lose it's power over a vampire if
the vampire is capable of making the believers faith falter. In a
situation like that, the strength of the religious symbols ability to
repel a vampire would weaken.

Invitations Only

Vampires also had a mystical aversion to entering any human dwelling
place to which they were not verbally invited. Once invited, they could
enter the place at any time thereafter. This appears to only be the case
with peoples personal dwellings, as vampires have been seen entering
public buildings without the need of being invited inside.

Impaling the Heart

Another weakness of vampires is to impale them through the heart,
causing them to eventually decompose into a skeleton. Originally it was
thought that a wooden stake would be the only means of doing so, however
advancement in vampire hunting techniques have indicated that any
object that can break through a vampires chest and pierce the hart is
sufficient in killing a vampire.
For example, Blade learned that wooden daggers would prove to be just as effective [6], while Frank Drake and Rachel van Helsing have used wooden bullets [7], Quincy Harker once even defeated Dracula by driving one of the spokes of his own wheelchair into Dracula's heart [8].
However, this does not instantly kill a vampire, as their remains
can be reanimated should someone remove the stake from their heart [9][10][11]


The scent of Garlic can sap the strength of a vampire. It has been
used as a rope to bind vampires, sapping their strength sufficiently to
prevent them from breaking the bonds. However, this weakness is not a
lethal one, however it can leave a vampire vulnerable to it's other


Magic wielders such as Doctor Strange and Topaz have been able to
harm vampires with magic, and some spells have the effect to kill a
vampire. The most lethal spell is the Montesi Formula
is a spell from the Book of Darkhold which can destroy all vampires. It
was once utilized to do just that, however upon it being broken all the
vampires that were destroyed found themselves restored to life once

Other Limitations

Vampires cast no reflections, and their images could not be captured on film.
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